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Yoga -12.10.18


Yoga also provides a way to learn through movement and breathing and imagination. Kids are not all the same and although many of them are auditorial learners and do well at school, many of them learn better through moving creating and visualizing.

Sometimes the best way to learn is to teach .. so maybe if we could give school teachers some yoga tools to incorporate in their classroom teaching throughout the day, we will also have better role models for the kids to look up to and imitate. It is undeniable that kids also experience stress now a days. Schools are supposed to be an environment that supports the kids in their growth and study, but it is long proven that stress is a factor that inhibits this development. Yoga offers tools to imbibe these skills that can create a healthier and well-adapted future generation. Small changes in the way kids sit and breathe can make a big difference in their ability to stay focused and to learn.A couple of stretches and a few deep breaths with kids yoga every few minutes can help greatly in keeping the kidsí attention throughout a class which is demonstrated in Adarsh Public School assembly held on 12.10.2018.

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