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From the Principals desk

Welcome to Adarsh Public School

"Our task is not to put greatness back into students, but to elicit it, for greatness is there already."

Dear parents

The Adarsh is a unique and exclusive school that prides itself on focusing on the individual needs of each and every one of our students. We offer the highest standards of education in order to assist our students to achieve their personal goals and maximize their own potential.

Our balanced curriculum offers our students the opportunity to take exceptional academic courses, combined with a wide range of cultural, social and sporting Co- curricular activities. We believe in offering broad-based learning opportunities to develop the whole student, as well as concentrating on their academic achievements.

Your school team is ready, willing and dedicated to providing a quality education with high expectations for learning in a safe and fun environment. Together we are looking forward to meeting and working with you to improve our school and the positive educational experience.

This team is ready and prepared with a great deal of experience, ideas and energy! As your Principal I am excited for the opportunities that await each of us this year. I know we will meet this year head on and accomplish remarkable things in the way we always have together as a community, as a family!

Thanks so much for all your help and support! The 2018-2019 school year is going to be EXCITED!

Eager to start the wonderful year with you

Warmest Regards

R. Buvana

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