"You don't win silver, you lose gold !"

Sports form an integral part of every child’s education at the school. Overall development of the child can only happen when he is physically active. This enables the child to successfully face the challenges of life both in the academic and non-academic fields. APS provides sports facilities to meet the needs of every child. As the saying goes “Healthy Mind resides in a Healthy Body” the students are given ample exposure for playing games. Sports and games provide a platform to our students to showcase their skills and imbibe values like integrity, sportsmanship, endurance and harmony. It exposes them to the new facets of sports and prepares them for the future. Regular Sports activities organized to promote the spirit of excellence for both physical and mental well being. We at APS provide students enough opportunity to prepare our students to work in team and understand the true meaning of competition. We organize sports day and expose our students to various interschool competitions

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