• 1. Each pupil must be punctual and regular to the school. A student will be eligible to sit for the home/board examination only if he/she has 75% attendance to his/her credit
  • 2. Those who remain absent the previous day must bring a signed application from the parents giving reason for being absent when they come to the school next day.
  • 3. Students must wear neat and clean uniform as per the approved pattern.
  • 4. Students should compulsorily wear their identity card with the school uniform as a measure of safety.
  • 5. Students must be courteous and gentle in their disposition. Students are required to behave politely and use decent language in the school.
  • 6. Due care must be taken of the school property by all students.
  • 7. Cell phones and two/four wheelers are banned in the school.
  • 8. Students should not bring valuables or cash to the school.
  • 9. Parents should regularly follow instructions given through the school diary.
  • 10. Change in residence/office addresses and telephone/mobile numbers must be informed in writing to the school office immediately.
  • 11. For comprehensive development of the child, regular monitoring of the progress is necessary. It is mandatory for the parents to attend the P.T.M conducted after exams to observe their ward’s performance and progress.

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